Beckett Dragon Ball Z Brand

I helped publish, market and edit two Dragon Ball Z publications: Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector (monthly) and Best of Dragon Ball Z (Quarterly).

In addition to the publications, I also created a very successful marketing campaign strategy: Exclusive Irwin Toy Company DBZ figures that were only available when you purchased a subscription to one of our Beckett DBZ publications.

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Worked on the official Hot Wheels toy brand for three years.

Convinced Mattel to promote our Hot Wheels Guide Book on the actual Hot Wheels toy packaging. This is a marketing strategy which Mattel had not tried in 40-plus years with the Hot Wheels brand.

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Beckett Pokemon Collector Publications

I helped create the Beckett Pokemon magazine and Pokemon Price Guide books. Both received tremendous success.

My team was able to increase the circulation of the Pokemon magazine from 200,000 to just over 1 million copies. It was so popular we were contacted by dozens of companies all around the world to produce the magazine in six different languages. You can now find the magazine in English, Chinese, UK English, Spanish, French, German, Korean and more.

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Oblivion Island Blu-Ray and DVD Promotions

I branded, marketed, and promoted the Disney-Pixar-like Oblivion Island children’s movie to US audiences. This animated film was originally released in Japan and FUNimation obtained the right to market and distribute the movie in North America.

My work includes the museum showings and promos, print and digital ad banners and collateral as well as working with the graphic design team to create an eye-catching box display.

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Official Terminator 3

Doug was the editorial and marketing director for the Terminator 3 movie magazines. Coverage included sneak peeks behind the scenes of the movie, make-up, costumes, directors, actors, robotics, movie magic, collectibles and more.

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