List of Publications

This list includes publications in which Doug’s team created for newsstands, bookstores and hobby shops:

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Beckett Publications


Anime Collector

Anime For Girls

Bakugan Collector

Beckett Bratz Collector

Beckett Build

Beckett Digimon Collector

Beckett Dragon Ball Z

Beckett Dragon Ball Z (Best of)

Beckett Duel Masters

Beckett Hot Toys

Beckett Pokemon Unofficial Collector

Beckett Sci-Fi Collector

Beckett Yu-Gi-Oh Unofficial Collector

BS: Barack Obama & U.S. Presidents

BS: InuYasha

Cheat Codes Magazine

Club Penguin


FUN! Online Games

G.I. Joe Collector

Got Sports

Guide to Phone Apps

Heroes & Villains

Hollywood Hair

Hot Wheels Magazine

Magic The Gathering Magazine

Massive Online Gamer

Mattel Hot Wheels Price Guide Book

Michael Jackson Tribute

Neopets The Official Magazine

Plushie Pals

SpongeBob SquarePants Special

Teen Sensations

Terminator 3 The Official Movie Magazine

Ultimate Guide to Warhammer Online

Ultimate Guide to World of Warcraft


Century Publishing


Sports Card Trader

Comic Book Collector Magazine

Card Collector’s Price Guide

Combo Magazine


Doug Kale Publishing


Rookie Investor’s Guide

Baseball Card Express