Doug’s background experience includes the following areas:


  1. Marketing, Branding, PR, Social Media
  2. WordPress Blogs and Websites
  3. Mobile phone apps and accessories
  4. Online games and video games
  5. Toy and Trade Show Promoter
  6. Kids entertainment and collectibles
  7. Sports cards and memorabilia
  8. Vintage toys and antiques 
  9. Gemstones and estate jewelry
  10. Pop Culture and Anime
  11. Hollywood celebrities
  12. United States coins
  13. Pathology Healthcare
  14. And much more!


Need a collectibles expert to evaluate your collectibles?

Doug evaluated dozens of collections from the following areas: Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars, Sports Cards, Pokemon Cards, Comic Books, US Coins, Antique Jewelry, Autographs, Sports Memorabilia, Vintage Toys and more!

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Doug helped Beckett Media sell over $3 million in premium magazine subscriptions through a special DBZ action figure promotion.

DBZ Exclusive Action figure and Bi-Monthly Magazine

He helped publish, market and edit two Dragon Ball Z publications: Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector (monthly) and Best of Dragon Ball Z (Quarterly). In addition to the publications, he also created a very successful marketing campaign strategy: Exclusive Irwin Toy Company DBZ figures that were only available when you purchased a subscription to one of our Beckett DBZ publications. His promotion helped sell over 100,000 figures at the $30 promotional price (generated over $3 million).


Doug worked with Beckett and the Mattel Toy Company to produce the official Hot Wheels-branded Magazine and Price Guide for three years.

Beckett Hot WheelsBook 1Beckett on HW packaging

He convinced Mattel to promote our Hot Wheels Guide Book on the actual Hot Wheels toy packaging. This is a marketing strategy which Mattel had not tried in 40-plus years with the Hot Wheels brand.
Image of the book on front of the packaging. (See image) A URL link was also added to the reverse side of packaging. This promotion was so successful Beckett Media had to go back to the printer three times. Sold tens of thousands and could not keep them in stock.


Doug is also a cartoon and video game voice actor.
Yes! It’s true!
He’s the voice of Ironsplinter, a talking tree boss in the popular online game Wizard101.
Here’s an image of his character.

Doug can do all sorts of voices from Donald Duck and Goofy to Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian to chirping birds, wacky monsters and a variety of other silly characters.






Doug helped Beckett Publications launch the globally-successful Beckett Pokemon Collector Magazine and the Cards For Kids program.


He helped create the Beckett Pokemon Collector Magazine and Pokemon Price Guide books. Both received tremendous success.
His team team was able to increase the circulation of the Pokemon magazine from 200,000 to just over 1 million copies. It was so popular we were contacted by dozens of companies all around the world to produce the magazine in six different languages. You can now find the magazine in English, Chinese, UK English, Spanish, French, German, Korean and more.
He also led my team to create a Children’s Medical Center of Dallas Donation Program. They packaged up tens of thousands of Pokemon cards and magazines and handed them all out to sick children at the hospital. He also worked a donation drive with the Salvation Army’s Toys for Tots program.  They donated over 10,000 Pokemon Price Guide books with grand total value of $150,000.00.






Doug and his team launched Beckett Yu-Gi-Oh Collector.
This was another popular kids TV series that fueled the sale of the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game.
He managed a Beckett team that brought the circulation of this publication to just under 1 million copies. Cover price was $10.

He also helped publish a separate collector’s guide book now available through








Doug also worked for FUNimation Entertainment and helped brand and marker the animated movie, Oblivion Island.

Oblivion Island Blu-ray DVD

He branded, marketed, and promoted the Disney-Pixar-like Oblivion Island children’s movie to US audiences. This animated film was originally released in Japan and FUNimation obtained the right to market and distribute the movie in North America.
His work includes the museum showings and promos, print and digital ad banners and collateral as well as working with the graphic design team to create an eye-catching box display.
He also lead the team to create a virtual reality iPhone app with the GOLDRUN app company. This app promoted the Oblivion Island characters, movie and involved e-commerce integration.The film’s DVD/Blu-ray release was extremely successful out of the gate on Wal-Mart shelves around the country.





Doug’s been interviewed by TV newscasters on ABC, NBC, CBS and the Nightly Business Report.
collectingamericadocu2He also appeared in a documentary film on baseball memorabilia called Collecting America

Order the film on

He’s also appeared on numerous radio stations around the country. Plus, he’s been interviewed and quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, NY Post , New York Newsday, Baseball America, Baseball Hobby News, Dallas Morning News, and several others.






Doug wrote the back of this 1995 Collector’s Edge Jerry Rice football card and designed it.

1995 CollectedgeJerryRiceIt’s a poem about Jerry Rice!












Doug once gave a lecture on the history of baseball card collecting aboard the Delta Queen Steamboat Cruise while traveling on the Mississippi River.

steamboatMany famous baseball players also came aboard including Red Schoendienst, Pepper Paire Davis, Larry Jansen, Eddie Mathews and Stan Musial.








Doug is also available for consultation. He can be reached at