Here’s a list of some of the branded publications I worked on at Beckett Media (Formerly Beckett Publications) and Century Publishing.

  • Beckett Pokemon Magazine
    Monthly newsstand magazine
  • Beckett Yu-Gi-Oh Collector
    Bi-monthly newsstand magazine
  • Beckett Build
    1-Shot Special on LEGO, MEGA BLOKS and more.
  • Terminator 2
    Termintor 2 Official Movie magazine
  • Hot Wheels Magazine
    Official Hot Wheels Magazine
  • Guide to Phone Apps
    Created, edited and marketed this publication.
  • Massive Online Gamer
    #1 Magazine for MMORPG games!
  • SpongeBob Squarepants Magazine
    Special SpongeBob Squarepants Magazine 1-Shot Approved by Nickelodeon
  • Club Penguin Magazine
    Special 1-Shot Club Penguin magazine
  • Magic the Gathering
    Magic the Gathering Magazine approved by Wizards of the Coast
  • Michael Jackson Tribute
    Special Tribute Magazine to Michael Jackson
  • Beckett Dragon Ball Z Magazine
    Dragon Ball Z Magazine approved by FUNimation
  • Beckett G.I. Joe Magazine
    G.I. Joe publication approved by Hasbro
  • Neopets Magazine
    Official Neopets Magazine
  • Plushie Pals
    The #1 Magazine for Webkinz and other plush toys!
  • Hollywood Hair
    The #1 hairstyle magazine for Hollywood Movie and TV stars
  • 20 Under 20
    Magazine on 20 celebrities under the age of 20
  • Beckett Digimon Collector
    Collectors magazine for Digimon fans and collectors.
  • Anime for Girls Magazine
    Anime publication included InuYasha and many other great anime series.
  • Beckett Bakugan Collector
    Bakugan Magazine for gamers and collectors
  • Beckett BRATZ Magaine
    The Only magazine devoted to Bratz dolls and their values
  • eSPORTS Magazine
    The ONLY newsstand magazine devoted to competitive gaming
  • Cheat Codes Magazine
    Cheat Codes for PlayStation3, XBOX360, Wii, Nintendo and more.
  • Heroes and Villians
    [/feature] Marvel and DC Comics Superheroes toys, cards and comic values.
  • Sports Card Trader
    Card Prices for Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey cards.
  • Card Collectors Price Guide
    #1 Price Guide magazine for all non-sports cards
  • Comic Book Collector
    Newsstand comic book price guide
  • Beckett Hot Toys
    #1 newsstand magazine for the hottest toys on the planet
  • Beckett Yu-Gi-Oh Collector
    #1 newsstand magazine for all Yu-Gi-Oh card collectors and gamers

  • Beckett Pokemon Collector Price Guide
    #1 price guide to Pokemon cards